“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”

The saltiness surrounding two neighbouring private Caribbean islands was the perfect amount of seasoning to introduce International Chef Stephen Hitchings to talented Cook and Hospitality Manager, Jane. In fact the combination of their catering experience in high end establishments surrounded by sea, eventually brought them home to Jane’s favourite coastline - Perth, Western Australia to establish Samphire Catering. The delicate salty vegetable, ‘Samphire’ is known to exist on coastlines around the world and brought the idea of Steve and Jane’s catering business to life!


Not only is it a taste of the coastline, Samphire Catering is a passion for fine food.

“We love entertaining and being around our family and friends”

Originally the idea was to create gourmet meals that could be delivered, so families could enjoy great healthy food, and have more time to spend with each other. Known as Poppet’s Pantry, we became a household name and as time went on, not only did we deliver home style gourmet meals, we were soon in demand with catering requests for special occasions, from Weddings to intimate dinner parties. The catering was so well received and not unlike the Samphire, was growing at a rapid rate in our coastal kitchen in North Fremantle.



“Alan and I just wanted to send you a personal thank you for the wonderful service you provided for Jo and Scott's Wedding on Saturday night. The food was sensational and your team was very professional and friendly but also discreet in their service. You did an amazing job, it was so appreciated. We both have had nothing but wonderful and positive feedback. What a happy and memorable night. Great work - you are very special people!”

- Lois Bowden, Bicton -



Now a more accurate reflection of our background, professionalism and exceptional cuisine, Samphire Catering is passionate about contemporary food and quality local ingredients, while remaining down to earth, warm and welcoming. 

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WE also continue to provide a boutique alternative to home delivered meals, via poppets pantry, for when you need convenient and delicious healthy food, fast! Prepared in North Fremantle and delivered directly to your door, ask us “what’s for dinner?”. visit the poppets pantry website by clicking the logo icon below.