Sharing our Christmas Favourites

Christmas is a time for sharing and giving. It’s a time to come together and celebrate. Having the right blend of old favourites and new dishes is a great way to add excitement to your unique celebration menu. Don’t forget the trimmings for an unforgettable day filled with love.



‘Tis the season to have a festive mocktail or cocktail. Try a summery mojito mocktail or a refreshing tropical, fruity punch to quench your thirst. Enjoy a champagne or prosecco cocktail by adding the popular Italian Aperol Spritz, it’s perfect on a warm summers day. Jazz up a classic Gin and Tonic with a sprig of basil with a plump strawberry or by adding a pink grapefruit twist. Pimms with lemon and mint is always popular in our house as a pre-dinner drink.

To keep many palettes happy stock up with a range of chilled wines, Rosé, Chardonnay and Riesling always work well with a crowd. Sparkling Shiraz is also a wonderful festive classic.

Always add still or sparkling water to the table to keep hydrated. With various courses you can change up the beverages as you like.


Make a great first impression with shared seafood platters - they’re the ultimate Australian Christmas go to. Try oysters on ice with a Chardonnay and Orange Blossom Granita. Add BBQ prawns paired with a fresh mango salsa or a cocktail sauce. For those that like to get their hands involved try chilled blue manna crabs and Western Australian Crayfish with lemon herb butter. Source locally if possible particularly to ensure it’s fresh.

Not a seafood fan? Try our family favourite Peking Duck Pancake Rolls topped with dried cranberries and pistachios for some festive flare These are a taste sensation and can be made ahead the day before.


It’s easy to create a delightful side with traditional vegetables and summer salads mixed with a modern flare. We enjoy a mix, so we grill peach halves and add them to a bowl of baby rocket, snow peas, feta or goats cheese, chives and olive oil. Add orange segments and nuts to jazz up a garden salad. We use pomegranates, cherries, figs, avocados, mangoes and stone fruit to give a fresh summer lift to other festive salads.

On the warmer side we get creative by roasting whole cauliflower with white wine, garlic and lemon zest. We add punchy flavoured butters to our roasted vegetables, a firm favourite is the orange and cranberry butter added to steamed green beans. Crispy potatoes at the table are still a firm staple but be sure you prepare them ahead of time and soak overnight in water to be sure to get them crisp. Wanting something different then try a gratin potato.


A spectacular glazed ham is for many considered a Christmas essential. So give old favourites a flavour boost worthy of being your table centrepiece. Create a spiced plum, balsamic and honey glaze to your impressive ham or an orange and ginger glaze to ensure it’s glistening, sweet and tender.

Lift the Christmas cheer by adding prosecco, citrus wedges and cinnamon sticks to your salted brine water for your turkey.

On the non-traditional side we also bake a salmon fillet infused with an asian marinade and garnish with fresh coriander and lemon. It is truly mouthwatering and a standout hero.


Make favourite Christmas desserts more joyful this season. Use tropical fruits such as mangos, and kiwi fruit on your pavlova, swirl raspberries through the meringue or add a few drops of rosewater for a floral flavour.

Churn out an extra special Christmas pudding ice-cream by simply blending vanilla bean ice cream with a Christmas pudding and setting in a bowl in your freezer, serve with fresh berries or cherries and drizzle with a passionfruit coulis.

Something more delicate in mind? Try a plump fruit mince pie or for a twist on the enchanting morsel create a festive orange liqueur and cranberry flavour pie.

Whatever you do, savour each spoonful and then reach for seconds!


A cheese board is a great way to wind up the day. We enjoy grazing on a local vintage cheddar, gooey brie and a creamy blue accompanied with a tangy plum paste, fresh honeycomb, crisp breads and dried muscatels.

Create a menu with Samphire

A Christmas menu is truly perfect when you can share the planning and cooking. If you’d like to choose the menu and leave the work to us, we’re here for you. Samphire Catering can help design a custom Christmas menu for your gathering based on your preferences. Contact us today to learn more about designing the perfect menu for your celebration.